Lunch at My House is a way for both individuals and families in the church to meet in  the home of a church member, spending time getting to know one another over a meal.  Whether you are new to Ken Caryl or you have been around since the beginning, come join in the fun of getting to know someone new over lunch!

Sunday Lunch at My House will happen immediately after the service through a series of sign-ups offered throughout the summer. Bring your side and meet within 30 minutes of the close of service at the prescribed location. The meals are meant to be potluck style with everyone bringing something to share.


Lunch at My House Dates:

June 5, June 19, July 10, July 24, and August 7 


Q: How will Lunch at My House work? 

A: Separate sign ups will be offered for hosts and participants. Any adult can sign up for  one or both. Choose the date you are available. Groups will be formed and everyone in  the group will be notified and given the date, location and a list of the group members.  Hosts will contact all members of the group to work out what sides they are to bring. 

Q: Will there be separate lunches for singles & couples? 

A: No. Our intention is to mix everyone together. It will be more fun that way! We will mix ages, single and couples. 

Q: Who cooks the meals? 

A: The meals are shared dish dinners, or potluck. The host couple for that meal will contact group members to determine who will bring what dish or item. 

Q: This is sounding better & better, but I have children. What happens to them?

A: Children will be included. It’s just lunch so keep it simple and accessible for all.


Host Sign Up: Click Here
One host will provide the location and main dish. Participants provide the rest of the meal. 

Participant Sign Up: Click Here
Five participants will bring one side to feed six people (salad, soup, vegetable, bread, or dessert)