The Gift of Trials
James 1:2-4, 1 Peter 1:6-9 | November 27, 2022 

Trials Provide an Opportunity to ___________ _________

Hard reality: It is very ____________ to find _________ in our trials.

Important reality: It is definitely _____________ to find ______ in our trials.

Trials Address What is ______________ in Our Life 

Trials are ____________ because they address something we __________.

Trials bring about _____________ ______________. 

Trials Help Us ___________ Jesus _____________ 

When we are _______________ we are more ____________ to the work  Jesus is doing in our life. 

Trials will cause us to experience the ________________ of Jesus in  ___________ ways. 

Personal Reflection About Trials 

Am I _____________ to find __________ in the trials I’m going through? 

Am I willing to _______________ that trials are doing something  ________________ in me? 

Am I moving ______________ to Jesus as a result of trials?


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