When We Worry About Our Life | Matthew 6:25-34
September 17, 2023 

The _______________ of Being Worried 

To worry is to become _______________ or ________________ about the  __________________ of what will or will not take place. 

I am currently worried about ____________________________ .

Why We ________________ Worry 

Worry does not __________ anything _____________ to your life. 

The presence of worry is an indication of a ____________ of ___________ in the work and provision of God. 

The _____________ knows our ___________ better than ________ know  our _____________. 

The ________________ for Worry 

We are to seek His kingdom and His righteousness as the __________  ______________ of our life. 

We tend to worry about things related to _________________, rather than  focusing on ______________.


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