Hey students – Join us for summer camp at Student Life Camp in Glorieta, New Mexico on July 4-8!

Registration for camp is officially open! Here are the details:

  • The cost is $400 per person (before any discounts or fundraisers).  
  • A $75 deposit is required to reserve your spot. To register, text “CAMP” to 720-727-0700.  Registration will close and deposits will be due no later than March 26.  
  • This year we are going to Student Life Camp in Glorieta, NM on July 4-8.  We will leave early on July 4 (around 7am) and return around dinner time on July 8. We’ve been before and it’s one of our favorites! Click this link for more details on their website:  https://studentlife.lifeway.com/camp/23glor02/
  • There are a few opportunities for discounts and fundraisers to help offset some of the cost for camp:
    • MULTI-CHILD DISCOUNT:  If you are paying for more than one child to go to camp, you will receive a $25 discount for each additional child ($0 discount for first child, $25 discount for two children, $50 discount for three children, etc)
    • RENEW DISCOUNT:  If your student attends RENEW on 8 out of 9 Sunday nights from March 5-May 21 they will receive a $50 discount.  That means they can only miss one time during March, April and May that we meet. No exceptions, to keep it fair. And yes, each student in your house can receive this discount, so it’s really helpful!
    • PANCAKE BREAKFAST FUNDRAISER:  We will have our pancake breakfast fundraiser on Sunday, March 5 during the life group time (9am-10am).  This is our main fundraiser and typically helps out TREMENDOUSLY for those going to camp.  Only those students that serve during the weekend get any money raised towards camp.  To get the full amount, students must help setup on Saturday, March 4 from 330-5pm, and then to finish setup and serve during the event on Sunday, March 5 from 730-1030am.  If a student is unable to serve on both days, or is only there part of the time, then they will only receive a partial discount.  We want to keep it fair!