Addressing What We See | Matthew 7:1-5
October 1, 2023 

Important Clarifications About ______________ Others (vv. 1-2) 

There are differences between a ________________ spirit and a  _______________ spirit. 

The standard of measure I use for ______________ needs to be the  standard of measure I use for _______________. 

Important Clarifications About ____________ ________ In Others (vv. 3-4) 

We have a keen ability to notice what is ____________ in ____________  while simultaneously noticing _____________ about _______________. 

We have a zealous desire to deal with the ______________ of others while  simultaneously dealing with _______________ about ourselves. 

Important Clarifications About Addressing _______ ________ Issues (v. 5) 

When I first deal with my own issues ____________ and _______________  before God then I am able to be of ____________ to someone else. 

God’s work in me will produce _____________, ________________, and  the ability to speak the ____________ in ___________.


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