Seeking God and Treating Others Well | Matthew 7:7-12
October 15, 2023 

Understanding How We Should ____________ God 

Jesus is describing a pursuit of the Father that is defined by ___________ and _____________. 

Jesus is saying when we pursue the Father in this way we will find Him to be  at ___________ in our ____________. 

Understanding the ________________ of God 

Do I trust the Father to meet my needs in a way that is _____________  ____________? 

Do I trust the Father with ____________ ____________ of my life? 

Understanding How We Should _____________ Others 

Jesus is saying that when we do not treat others the way we want to be  treated it reveals a ___________ of ___________ for other people. 

Treating others the way we want to be treated requires a _____________ to self that we often times ______________.


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