Closing Reflections About Ministry | Colossians 4:14-18
October 16, 2022 

________________ Ourselves To Ministry 

Luke was willing to give __________ of ______________ for the work of  the _______________. 

Nympha was willing to use her ______________ for the _____________ of  the _______________. 

________________ The Ministry We Have Received 

Archippus was encouraged to _____________ his __________ on the  ministry the Lord has given to him. 

Archippus is to ________________ ______________ the ministry the Lord  has given to him. 

Personal Reflections About _______________ 

Am I willing to give much of _______________ for the ____________ of the  gospel? 

Am I willing to use ________ _______________ for the good of the church? 

Am I ______________ my ___________ on the ministry the Lord has given  to me? 

Am I ________________ __________________ the ministry the Lord has  given to me?


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