Discerning What Is False | Matthew 7:15-20
October 29, 2023 

Why Does Jesus ____________ About False Prophets? 

They are out there, they will _________ to you, and they are __________. 

They are intentionally deceptive and ______________ and ____________ and they will ____________. 

What _________________ a False Prophet? 

Their doctrine is _____________. 

Their _____________ life of faith in Jesus is _______________ and  somewhat ________________. 

What Does This Mean For _________? 

The better I know the Word personally the more likely I will be to  _____________ faulty doctrine

The more I _____________ __________ the Word to my life the better I  will know what it looks like for myself and others to faithfully follow Jesus. 

When I personally __________ with Jesus and personally ___________ the  Word I will be able to ______________ good fruit from bad fruit.


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