Discerning What To Do | Matthew 7:6
October 8, 2023 

What Is Jesus _____________ In This Verse? 

There is _______________ to be exercised as we ____________ to people. There are some who will not see the gospel as ________ and ___________. 

There are some who will seek to do __________ to those who see the  gospel as holy and valuable. 

What Influence Does ______________ Have On This Verse? 

A willingness to ______________ something in someone else, after  examining our own heart, is a __________ effort and of great __________. 

There are some people who will not _____________ it and will  ____________ you for doing so. 

What Help Does the ____________ _____________ of Scripture Provide? 

We can make a ___________ _______________ that because someone is  from a certain background or lifestyle or religion they are ______________ ____________ to the gospel. 

We will not know someone’s ______________ to the gospel until we  ______________ the gospel with them. 

It takes both ______________ and __________________ to know who is  and is not responsive to the gospel.


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