We Are The Church: Thoughts About Conflict
November 6, 2022 

What Is My ____________ in Reconciliation? 

An act of ___________ can lead to a ______________ of what is not right. 

We are to ______ to and __________ with the person with whom there is  an _____________. 

Why Is Personal _______________ Necessary? 

We tend analyze ___________ more than we analyze _______________. 

When we reflect on our own life ___________ we might see that things are  ________________ than we originally thought. 

What Is The _____________ Way To Address Issues of ___________?

We are to _____ to and ___________ with the person _______________.

The right _________ step is an incredibly _______________ step. 

What Needs To Be ___________ of ________ To Help Resolve Conflict?

I need to treat _____________ the way I want them to treat ________.

I need to be willing to _________ with and _____________ others. 

I need to pursue __________ , extend ___________ , and guard against  _________________.


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