Reflecting On What Has Been Entrusted
2 Timothy 1:12-14 | May 5, 2024

Paul’s _______________
His faith is not diminished because of _______________.
He has _______________ in what he believes.
He is convinced that Jesus will guard what has been _______________.

Doctrinal _______________
Right doctrine points to ______________ ______________ upon Jesus and
the need for those listening to place their ____________ in Jesus.
Right doctrine reflects sincere love for _______________ and sincere love
for the _______________ listening.

Timothy’s _______________
He is to remember the presence of the __________ __________ in his life.
He is to remember the responsibility he has been given through the
____________ and his ____________ and his ____________.
Am I growing in ____________ and ____________ and ______________?

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